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AJ Marx - 19 - Obsession Empowerment - Felicia Day

AJ is a member of the Fallon

She has obsession empowerment

She is currently pregnant with Stephen Robinson's child. 

Background and bioEdit

AJ was always one of those lonely teenage girls who never really liked going outside. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being around other people, it was just that the other people who were around her weren’t the kind of people she wanted to associate herself with. So, instead, she spent the majority of her years growing up watching TV and being on the laptop. Because of this, she never really had that many friends. Real friends, anyway. She always had her online friends, the only people that seemed to understand her. Throughout her childhood, AJ would go for entire months without having to leave the house, spending all of her time on online RPG games and having Star Trek movie marathons with herself.

Her parents never really took that much interest in her when she was growing up. They always preferred to spend their time doting on her older brother. The straight A social butterfly. It didn’t really bother her that much as it meant she could do whatever she wanted, really. Though sometimes, she did wish they would have paid a little bit of attention to her every now and again.

When AJ found out about her mutation, she tried to hide it. She already felt like enough of an outcast without having that to add on top. But eventually, her parents found out about it and sent her straight to Eden. They didn’t want to be living under the same roof as a mutant, thinking it was dangerous. AJ has not changed her lifestyle that much since moving to Eden. She still spends the majority of her time in the dark on the internet. Although, she does try to get out a little more now. She feels more accepted on the island and she now enjoys being with the people around her a lot more.


Stephen - The father of her baby. She and Stephen slept together after a night drinking together which resulted in AJ becoming pregnant. They are both on good terms and they are planning to keep the baby and stay friends.