Adam is a member of the Edria. His mutation is 'Life-force absorption' and he is brother to Xander .

Bio and BackgroundEdit

Adam grew up in England with his brother Xander, they were close when they were younger but grew apart during Xander’s adolescence… growing somewhat close again when his brother became confined to the house due to his mutation. Adam knew about his own mutation for quite a long time but kept it hidden, nobody needed to know about it and he found that he could control it easily… although he wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was. Adam has always been a very calm and levelheaded person, teasing his younger brother but also looking out for him.Adam got a job left home and found his own place, however when Xander was taken away without warning he grew upset, not having had the chance to say goodbye to his brother who on occasion would send emails to him. After a few months he grew sick and tired of it, not realising how much he would really miss his brother. Also, he was becoming afraid for his own safety as the fear of mutants increased. His parents had moved away without telling anyone and he was left with an increasing number of people becoming suspicious he might be a mutant after the revelation of his brother’s powers. So in the end he decided to willingly leave England for Eden. Upon his arrival to Eden he quickly took to the Edria, he felt that having a side would offer him some kinda of protection if he ever got on the bad side of anyone here. Also, he didn’t hate humans just because they hated him, he felt that they should all find a way to live peacefully so that people like his family didn’t have to run from their home in fear.

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