Alanna was born and raised Edria.

Background and bioEdit

Alanna has grown up on the island of Eden however she liked to stay at home and avoid others… At school she was quiet and now she often finds her classmates have forgotten she even existed. Alanna was bullied by her older brother and sister growing up and only discovered her powers one day trying to get away from them… She left the house as soon as she turned eighteen and quickly left the city to travel the island… and then moving on to actual travel around the world. During this time she found herself… she found out she was a very different person to what everyone had seen during school and that she could be confident and she could talk to people… she was a whole new person and so, after her 24th birthday she decided to go back home to Eden…

birthday she decided to go back home to Eden…


Alanna attended school withDaniel Cook. and Stephen Robinson but was never particularly close to either one.