Alisha Henderson -> 18 -> Enhanced Strength -> FC : Emily Vancamp

Alisha is a member of the Edria .

Background and Bio.Edit

Alisha grew up on Eden and has always been Edria. From a young age her parents instilled Edria opinions and values into her. This doctrine became everything to her and caused a lot of issues by the time she actually started school. She would avoid Noire students like the plague and would often verbally abuse them. Despite this though she could be a very kind and considerate person to those who were Edria or Fallon.  At the age of fourteen she discovered her mutation and after several incidents of a violent nature at school her family decided to home school her. They moved to one of the outskirt towns to keep her away from other people - especially those who were Noire - and to attempt to calm her temper a little. However in the end all their efforts were fruitless and once she turned eighteen she moved back into the city to find a job, her own place and to live her life as she put it.

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