Aquarius is Edria

Background and BioEdit

Aquarius is the bearer of water and is one of the strongest of all the Zodiacs. She’s moody and tends to like it when things go her way. Other than that she’s very care-free and go with the flow. Which makes an interest for Leo. Leo and Aquarius have a bit of an off and on relationship. They’ve been intrigued towards each other since the beginning of their presence, but they both know that they can never happen. They are complete opposites. As well as they are on different sides of the Zodiac Circle. They are star crossed lovers. But they still hope, that in another couple centuries, they will have the strength to be together and it makes it a bit easier knowing that they’re on the same team. Aquarius usually gets along with all of the other spirits quite well. She’s great friends with Gemini and Scorpio and even though Scorpio is on the other side, they still have the same amount of friendship as Aquarius does with Gemini, maybe even more.