Aries is Edria.

Background and BioEdit

Aries isn’t the youngest one (they’re all the same age, spiritually), but more like the shyest and timidest one out of all of them. Aries may fight for good, but she’s basically a Fallon, still wondering if fighting is really the answer. She usually sticks to Libra’s side and hides behind her whenever she’s scared or nervous. Most of the time Aries is left out of the battle, not that the other Spirits do that to her, but because she usually asks if she can sit out on all of the fights. But what she lacks in fighting confidence, she brings out with her mind. Aries is surprisingly smart and brilliantly ingenious. She’s the brains of the Good Group and they would have lost so many fights without her tactics and strategies. Aries is only great friends with Libra and Libra the same with her. They hang-out together, eat together, sleep together (not like that), and just do basically everything together. Aries is so attached to Libra because Libra helped her out with her nervous break downs or her scared off runaways. Libra would help ‘balance’ her emotions and help Aries calm down and Aries has always been appreciated of that. They’re basically like sisters. Though there is one reason why Aries get timid and heart strucked. Leo. Yes, Leo has completely stolen her heart, but which girl Spirit hasn’t? Aquarius just so happens to be the one that Leo notices and Leo does not notice Aries. Aries is always in the background and Leo always liked a girl that was upfront with him and ready to tag along. Aries knows it’s hopeless, but in the bottom of her heart she still wishes for a chance. And obviously Libra knows and always teases her about it.