Benny - 17 - Cat Mimicry - Karen Gillan

Benny is a member of Edria.

Her mutation is cat mimicry

Background and BioEdit

Benny grew up as a very lively child, always wanting to interact with other people and ake new friends. When she discovered her mutation, she was overjoyed about it, unlike most people around her. Her family were not to happy about it and started leaving her out of most things and constantly making fun of her. She managed to put up with it, making out that it didn't bother her all that much when really, it wounded her deeply. She spent a lot of her time running around as a cat, sometimes going missing for days before returning as a human. But one day, when she was wandering around the streets as a cat, she was picked up and taken away to one of the local petshops and locked up in a small cage to be sold. Unfortunately, due to the small size of the cage she was in, she could not change back to a human and was stuck there until she was adopted by two very drunk people, Sagittarius and Gemini. 

Benny refuses to tell anyone her real name and won't reveal anything about her past in too much detail to anyone. Instead, she decided to keep the name she was given by Gemini. 


Gemini - Benny was adopted as a cat by Gemini (and Sagittarius) when they had been on a drunken night out. Even though he knows that she isn't technically a cat, she is still living with him and the two are very good friends.