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Cancer -> appears 20 -> Noire -> Robert Pattinson (Was Keira Knightley)

Cancer is one of theZodiacs .

Cancer is a member of the Noire .

She changed bodies from female to male when she died in March 2014.

Her abilities as a Zodiac are Crab Mimicry , Emotion manipulation, Water manipulation and Lunar Manipulation

Things are a little hazy in the relationship Cancer has with Lucas currently due to Cancer changing bodies.

Background and BioEdit

Cancer was a pretty calm character up until the last couple of centuries. Now recently she is in a constant down mood and is generally pretty angry at everything around her. She’s not really sure when it all started but she knows her frustration and bad moods are mostly to do with Cancer becoming a common term for well… cancer. Gemini teased her a lot over the centuries about it and she has become bitter as everyone began to say the same things, the same jokes to her, over and over again.Another contribution to her biterness is her maternal instinct, she just wants to look after people and be a mother, but she can’t do that easily when everyone that she cares about dies.Due to her bitterness Cancer has distanced herself from people over recent years, she rarely meets n

Cancer's body before she died in March 2014.

ew people and she sometimes goes for long periods of time avoiding the other zodaics, despite getting along quite well with most of them. She’s finally decided maybe it’s time to come out of her shell but she’s reluctant to stay out of it for long.

Life in Eden.Edit

Life has been improving since she came to Eden. Cancer let Lucas move in as a roommate and things quickly progressed to a romantic relationship. Despite caring for and loving Lucas very deeply Cancer has cheated twice. The first time was not her fault, Toby disguised himself as Lucas and got her a little drunk before sleeping with her. Then, after a very heartfelt apology she forgave Toby, only for them on another occasion to end up drunk and in one another's arms again. Lucas forgave her and things were going smoothly until Kiara and Cancer got into an argument and Kiara threw her against a wall, breaking every bone in her body and killing her.