Capricorn is Noire.

Background and BioEdit

Capricorn being the most responsible out of the Noire side of the Zodiacs, many go to him for advice. He is the one who people would trust, but not too much. His down to earth manner is what draws people in and take liking to him. And once you have became his friend he is very loyal when he wants to be. He is commonly liked throughout the other zodiacs but not as much as most. Most times he comes off as passive and indifferent on the outside, seeming as if he’s brushing people off. Although when it comes down to feelings for people, it always takes him a rather long time to realize them. Even ones that have been harbouring for years. You have to stick with him to get to know the real Capricorn. Capricorn is closest to Pisces out of all the other zodiac spirits, enjoying her fun loving spirit although sometimes it does annoy him. He liked that she brought out his competitive side, although most times it is out. He never likes to lose, always working hard to win and get what he wants. He is a very dominate guy, in and out of the bedroom.