Carlo has just reached the island and is currently Fallon.

Carlo's power istelekinesis

Background and BioEdit

Carlo, on the outside, always comes across as a happy person when you first meet him. And why shouldn’t he be? He had plenty of friends, managed to get top marks in practically all of his classes and received more than enough attention from his parents growing up. Though the attention wasn’t always great… his parents constantly pushed him in his school work; forcing him into extra classes, making sure he spent hours and hours each night on his homework and studying. On top of this, they made absolute sure he went out too. Seeing as though his sister was ‘such a hermit’ as they often said, they didn’t want him to turn out the same way. The combination of these two almost drove Carlo to breaking point several times.  Luckily, there was always someone he could count on to help him through it. He always got on well with his sister AJ, though as time went on, they began spending less and less time together and started to drift apart. And when she left, this only made Carlo feel as though there was even more pressure on him to do well. Eventually, it became too much. He broke down in the middle of one of his exams and caused a lot of trouble with his mutation. He hadn’t been aware of it previously and during one particularly hard exam, he accidentally caused many of the desks to smash into the walls, along with a few of his fellow students as well.  He knew that as soon as his parents found out, they’d kick him out of the house… the same as they did with his sister. So before they got the chance, he left. He didn’t know where he was going and ended up travelling aimlessly for a long time… until he discovered Eden that is. He travelled there in hope of safety… and also in hope of being able to find his sister there too…

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