Cynthia is a member of the Noire and her power is Technokinesis.

Background and Bio.Edit

Cynthia Maywood has been always in the shadow of those around her. As a little girl she was known to be the quiet, insecure and “nerdy” girl as some would say. She was afraid of her own shadow, and was easily terrified by anything that moved in the dark. Her parents were ashamed of this, but they loved her none the less. Neighbors and relatives would go behind their backs and make fun of their “weak” little girl. Cynthia minded at first, because she knew that maybe she wasn’t cut out to be evil. But that changed. That changed when she became thirteen. At the age of thirteen, Cynthia witnessed her best friend being bullied by the other kids. They were in class and they were mocking and teasing the girl known as Elise Farrow. Elise, too, was a girl who liked to keep to herself, preferring the company of the ghost she saw because she was a necromancer. But because she preferred ghost over people the other mutants made fun of her saying she might as well be a ghost with them, because no one ever paid attention to her. Cynthia felt bad for the girl and tried to stand up to her telling them to stop. They didn’t stop, but moved on to Cynthia. Cynthia realized she couldn’t let them push her around anymore. She was tired of it, and that was when her mutation peaked. With the ability of technokinesis, the computers and machines around her went insane. They began to overburn until the point one exploded. The bullying stopped, and Elise and Cynthia became friends. After that day they changed their whole exterior and for Cynthia, she changed her everything. Elise stayed the quiet girl, but Cynthia was her best friend who became careless to those around her except those closest to her. She doesn’t care anymore about what people think about her, and isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks of them. Cynthia became the girl without a heart: thoughtless, careless, cunning. Because she grew confident her family became proud. No one tries to cross her anymore, because Cynthia isn’t afraid to bite back because she doesn’t want to be that weak little girl anymore. So she figures those who do it, might as well experience it too.

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