Gemini -> Body Age: 18 -> Zodiac Empowerment/Embodiment -> FC : Nico Tortorella

Gemini is one of the Zodiacs.

Gemini is a member of the Edria .

Gemini  was dating Scorpio  however they are currently on a break due to Scorpio's busyness with college work and Gemini just being a needy attention seeker that gets himself in trouble all the time. Gemini is still madly in love with Scorpio but doesn't know how to fix things after the stupid things he's done. He hides how upset he as much as possible.

Background and BioEdit

In the group of Good, everyone seems to stay calm. Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius are all well put and can take care of themselves and Aquarius and Leo…well we all know what they’re doing. However, all the calmness needs some shaken up and that’s exactly what Gemini brings to this side. Gemini is a kid at heart, even though he doesn’t have one personally. He plays around with everyone and pulls pranks on everyone. He’s the cheery joy that the Good Side needs. He mostly likes picking on Aquarius and Leo, because of how hard they’re trying. But he doesn’t cross the line because he respects what they’re trying to do….but still makes fun of them anyways. You wouldn’t really say that Gemini has a person in mind that he fancies. He kinda likes everybody in his own weird way. Him being able to change his appearance and able to create one more of him has caused him to like whatever he likes. So in modern say words, Pan-sexual? But he usually likes to play and lead on Scorpio with kisses on his neck and roses on his bed. Scorpio fell for it once, but now he’s more and more aware of Gemini’s ways. Gemini just likes teasing everyone and Scorpio in particular. Gemini can only create one other of himself and he can turn his other self or him into anyone that he’s seen enough. And because of this, Gemini has learned to really rely on hand to hand combat when it came to fighting. He can practice with his other self or actually practice against Leo, 2 vs 1. Leo always win, but Gemini doesn’t care. It’s just the practice he wants, but beating Leo for once wouldn’t hurt.

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