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Henry Eden is the mayor of Eden and he is a member of the Fallon .

Background and bio.Edit

Henry Eden is the big man in town; the Mayor. He is apart of the large, historic and powerful Eden family. Henry grew up in Eden with his parents, John and Nancy Eden, and his younger brother David Eden. His father was the mayor prior to him, and Henry spent most of his younger years learning the tricks and the trade of politics, hoping to one day make his father proud and continue the family lineage of power. When his fathers legacy was up, Henry stepped up and ran against a man who didn’t have any standing. Henry campaigned, and both sides seemed to like him, as he gave them a little bit of what they each wanted, as he was a Fallon and didn’t want to be biased. Henry won by a long shot, and was appointed mayor of the city. For a couple years, Henry was lonely with his job. He had worked for years to earn his riches, as well as the money he received from family. He never had found a love, until one trip to New York. He went to visit his brother David, who decided to live amongst the mortals despite being a mutant. He ran into a young lady named Lydia Fisher and instantly fell in love with her. He traveled up to New York constantly for the next few years, desperate to see this girl again. Eventually they married, and he brought her back to Eden with her as his bride and she bore him 3 children. One son and two daughters. About 10 or more years ago, Henry’s brother and his wife were killed by humans because they found out about his mutations. Henry was devastated, having lost his only brother and good friend. He took pity on their orphaned child Callisto, and adopted her into the family. Henry is very loving and fatherly to the child, treating her like he was his own.  Henry is a very nice and fair man, unless provoked. He is one of those men you can’t help but automatically like on first greet, having a charisma that is drawing. However, if you get on his bad side, he may not be as rational or kind. His mutation helps him very much as an enforcer, being able to cancel out peoples power for short amounts of time. He oftens uses this as punishments to both the Noire and Edria whenever they get out of line. 

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