Jacob joined Noire upon reaching the island.

Background and BioEdit

Jacob grew up living a troubled childhood. He was abused by his father from a young age, although not half as much as his brother was. However, he reacted to the abuse differently. Where his brother simply cowered and gave in to the daily punishments from their father, Jacob didn’t. He refused to let someone make him feel so pathetic. He wasn’t pathetic, he was strong. However, he wasn’t strong enough to fight back against his father, so instead, he turned the attention to his brother. He beat him senseless most mornings before they left for school, avoiding him when they returned home and allowing Sebastian to endure most of the beatings from their father as well. It made him feel stronger, more powerful. So he continued, making it seem as though it was his life’s mission to make his brother as miserable as he possibly could. When he discovered his mutation, it only made things better. He trained his powers on his brother, trying to cause the younger boy as much pain as he possibly could.   When Sebastian left their home, Jacob had nothing else to do. Beating other people didn’t give him the same satisfaction as beating his younger brother did. So instead, he too left home in an attempt to track his brother down. However, after a year or so, he gave up, deciding that he would probably never find his brother again and would have to find something else… And so, he moved to Eden, where he knew there would be other mutants, other people like himself and hopefully, people that would be able to make him feel strong again. ==Extra notes== Jacob has an inherent hate for most if not all men due to the way his father treated him. He needs very little reason to cause a man pain.

However due to being able to remember the way his father treated his mother and what his father did to her, he is very gentle with women and very protective of them.


Sebastian Rawlins - Brother

Stephen Robinson - Jacob got off to a bad start with Stephen when he found out Stephen was dating his brother.

Daniel Cook - Jacob gets on okay with Danny for the most part.

Jenny Moriarty - Jacob and Jenny get along very well and have slept together already.

Benny - Jacob ended up sleeping with Benny when she snuck into his apartment one day.

AJ - Jacob gets along quite well with AJ.