Jennifer 'Jenny' Moriarty - 42 - Age Manipulation - Yasmine Akram

Jenny is the older step-sister to James Moriarty

Background and bioEdit

Jennifer is the oldest child and only daughter to William Moriarty from a previous marriage. He later married Abigail and they then had a son together, James. Jenny grew up spending time at both her mother’s and father’s house. Her mother never had any other children and so her little brother Jim was the only sibling she had. She loved him even though she knew he was different, a little odd but that never stopped her looking out for him. Like her brother, she’s incredibly smart and went on to a leading university over in England to study. Jenny never told anyone of her mutation, not even James who like herself was also a mutant. She revealed to her brother that she knew and that she would never treat him any differently, to which he promised to never go into her mind. Deciding that she needed to tell her brother, she followed him to Eden. 


James - James Moriarty is Jenny's younger step-brother. They had a pretty good relationship up unil Jenny came to Eden and James found out that, not only had she been hiding the fact that she was a mutant from him, she had also murdered Sebastian, his lover and friend.