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Jo is sister to Daniel Cook.

She is a member of the Noire .

Jo has Enhanced Senses.

Background and Bio.Edit

Jo had always been a troublesome girl. Always talking back to teachers in school, winding both the boys and girls up with her flirtatious nature. She was never very popular though, never really seemed to have any friends. Jo was practically raised by her brother, Danny, who wasn’t exactly the best of role models for her. Their mother had died not long after she was born and their father never really seemed to be around, although when he was, Jo wished that he wasn’t. Not long after her 16th birthday, which her father had missed, Danny and Jo had gotten into a very big argument which had finally driven Jo over the edge. She left the next day, never said goodbye, never left a note, just left. She travelled the island for a long time, not heading anywhere in particular, just trying to run away from her life.  That was 5 years ago and now, Jo has come to realise the mistake she had made. She’s decided to come back to find Danny. All she wants is to go back to the way things were, to have the relationship with her brother that she used to have back. Although, she thinks Danny won’t want to see her again after the way she left, so she has not yet been able to bring herself to go looking for him. 


Danny - Older brother to Jo.

Asher - Jo is currently dating Asher.

Stephen - Her brother's best friend. Recently moved out of his house after living there for a few months.

Crowley - Jo was tortured by Crowley due to Danny's inability to follow orders.