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Kiara Bennet - 18 - Enhanced Condition - Elizabeth Gillies

Kiara is a member of Noire

Her mutation is enhanced condition.

Background and BioEdit

Kiara spent most of her childhood running. Running away from children’s homes, running away from foster parents. She was abandoned at a young age by her real parents. As she got older, she started thinking it was because secretly, they knew about her, they knew what she was and they didn’t want anything to do with her. She was an incredibly insecure child, but she hid that behind a wall of sarcasm and backchat. She didn’t really get along with many people, but the few friends she did have didn’t hesitate to ditch her when they found out about her being a mutant. The care home she was in at the time that she was outed didn’t hesitate to inform the government of her. She was taken by the government at the age of 16, forced to show off her abilites, forced to show them what she could do. They tried to force her to work for them, but she refused over and over again. After 2 years in captivity, she managed to escape. She ran to the island she’d always heard them talking about, the place where it was supposed to be safe for people like her. She didn’t know whether it was true or not, but it was the only place she could go. When Kiara arrived on Eden, she was incredibly cautious of everyone around her. She barely spoke to anyone, spending a lot of time alone, thinking and imagining up weird and wonderful ways she could make humans pay for what she had to suffer through.


Cancer - Kiara killed Cancer by throwing her into a wall when she wouldn't move.