Leo is Edria.

Background and BioEdit

Leo is the captain of ALL of the Zodiac Spirits. Even though they are split up, everybody still recognizes him as the strongest one out of all of them. And sometimes he lets that get to his head and it increases his ego, but that’s just all in his personality. He’s been like that since he was created. Leo is strong willed, but stubborn and dull in the brain. He hasn’t got a clue sometimes what to do, but he sure is a leader. Leo also most of the time feels like it’s his duty to make sure that both good and bad are in balance in the world. He takes responsibility for his foolish actions and takes FULL responsibility for his victorious actions. In modern day, you could compare him to a well respected jock in high school. Who also has a crush. Leo has kept his eye on Aquarius the whole time since they were born. Something about her that kept Leo infatuated by her. Or maybe it’s just because that he knows that they aren’t meant for each other and he wants that edgy feeling of rebellious. Whatever it is, it’s calmed down and Leo actually likes her. They’ve both admitted their likeness towards each other, but it’s so hard when both of them have thoughts rushing in the back of their minds saying, “Star-crossed….Not meant to be….It’ll never work out….” Aquarius has seemed to give off the vibe that she’s given up on their love and Leo as well, but he still yearns for that moment that they can be together. Leo is overall in a great friend relationship with everyone. He hangouts out with all of the Spirits from time to time, but his most closest friends are Taurus and Scorpio. Funny, seeing how Scorpio is both great friends with Leo and Aquarius. So, usually Leo asks Scorpio on tips about how to “swoon” Aquarius and Scorpio soon givens in, because he always likes a bit of love here and there.