Libra is Edria.

Background and BioEdit

Libra is a neutral mood person. She usually never has anything to say if things are in proportion. She’s steady and calm and analyzes the problem before going all out and about. That’s why she doesn’t like Leo much at all. Leo is head first and ask questions later. Libra is more of your tactic girl, that’s why she likes to stick with Aries most of the time. Leo and Libra usually get into disagreements and sooner or later one of the other Spirits have to break them up before they mess up the Good and Bad scale. Libra can’t even stand the thought of Leo leading them, but she has to and it’s a dread for her. Libra gets along with everyone, just except Leo. In fact Libra gets along with everyone so much that she has secret crush that she hides very very well. Libra really really finds Sagittarius appealing and attractive towards her. She likes the way he’s really calm and steady when he shoots his bow and the way that he keeps to himself, but when he talks or makes a statement he makes it count and it’s worth listening. But she hides this very well. She’s practiced for millions of years and nobody has found out yet and she’s going to keep it that way. She won’t even tell her best friend Aries. Libra only has one friend and one friend only, Aries. Libra made her feel comfortable when she had no one to go to and Libra felt like if she was going to live forever as a Spirit she might as well make a friend. She hasn’t regretted making Aries her friend ever yet.