Lucas is a member of the Edria. His ability is 'Weather Manipulation' and he is currently in a relationship with the Zodiac Cancer .

Bio and Background.Edit

As a child, Lucas had a good life. He had two parents that loved him dearly, and a bright future ahead of him. Intelligent and full of promise, he did very well in his years at school. But he started to hang around with the wrong bunch of kids. The type that liked to prey on the weak and bring them crying to their knees, begging them not to hurt them. He stayed with this gang of kids for a few months, going around their school like they were above all the rest. That was when things took an even bigger turn for the worse.  Due to events as a teenager that he prefers not to speak about, he became depressed and developed eating disorders, he didn’t speak, lost all his self confidence and became one of the quietest people in school. After seven months he got help and took two months to recover, making a few steps back towards being the charismatic, confident person he once was. It was just before his 17th birthday that Lucas found out about his mutation. He was out walking his dog, minding his own business when a lightning bolt hit him in the head. Lucas was knocked out for a few minutes, dazed by what had just happened. He felt different, almost like a totally different person, he could feel something running throughout his body. Turning his arm he noticed strange sparks racing through his viens and arteries. He lifted up his arm and out shot a lightning bolt, it raced up into the clouds and sent many more back down around him. Lucas was shocked by his newly discovered mutation and fled his hometown, looking for a new place to live. He ended up here, at this place called Eden. Lucas had heard about this place in stories people would often tell “mutants and other strange people lived here” is what was often said but he had never believed such things until now.  He has not been in Eden long but has already taken to the Edria, not being a fighter at heart but instead a lover. He came to Eden to escape the persecution he thought would have occured back at his old home, not to persecuted even more. 

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