Nash Cunnings - 23 - Compulsion - Ian Somerhalder

Nash is a member of Noire. 

His mutation is compulsion. 

Background and BioEdit

Nash is a Cunnings, a smart, handsome guy like the rest of his family. When he was growing up, he was a bit of a book worm. He attended classes everyday, hung out with only a select few and was close with his brother. He was nice, charming, even fell in love. But Nash didn’t stay like that for long. After the incident, he was never the same. He had changed completely, turning into an arrogant, flirty guy who most would call an asshole.

The incident, it changed Nash’s life, his perspective on things. It was like after it what happened, he just snapped. His mind became twisted, he began to like to play games on people, making them his own personal toys. He ruined all happiness for his brother while he was around and even for random strangers. Relationships made him sick with disgust, never becoming close with anyone. 

It was supposed to be just another normal day for Nash, hanging out with the love of his life, kicking back with his brother maybe, having a family meal. But it wasn’t. He’d found out that his  love of his life, his fiance was cheating on him. Nash called her over, demanding if it was true. Sadly it was, Nash was furious and hurt, along with sad. It was storming out, pretty badly as well but he didn’t care. He ordered her to leave, but had never used his compulsion. It turns out, on her way home her car crashed. She died instantly. All in one night, Nash lost his sanity, the love of his life and his respect for his brother. His brother was the other man, the guy who his fiance cheated on him with. A week later, Nash was informed that Vivian, his fiance was actually pregnant. It tore him apart, piece by piece. 

Now Nash hated the world, hated his brother, but more importantly, hated himself. He now lives off of alcohol, sex and the misery of his brother. He’d do just about anything for a cheap laugh, including his personal favourite in breaking up couples. 

Nash is flirt, about the most charming guy you could know. He doesn’t discriminate on gender, so you never know what’s going to happen. He could hate your guts, but then the next thing he is kissing you. There’s no predicting him because he is unpredictable. He changed from a Fallon family to a Noire easily, who knows if he’d ever go back.

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