The Noire is one of the three sides mutants join on Eden. They are often considered the 'Evil' side. For the 'Good' please see Edria. For the Neutral please see Fallon.

Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity.Edit

The Noire are mutants who choose the dark and evil side of the fight. The words ‘wicked’ and ‘immoral’ do not purely define a Noire, because many are as good as the Edria, it is just that they do not believe what the Edria believe in. Many Noires choose to be one because they simply do not want to be in fear of humans, which is what the Noire stands for. They want to be dominant over the humans, because in their eyes the humans will never accept them. They will forever live in fear, and the Noire are known to hate showing fear but power. They can’t stand Eden, so they will do whatever it takes (kidnap, murder, steal, etc.) to win this fight, even if it means playing dirty.

Notable members of the Noire.Edit

Axelrod Cienfuegos


Daniel Cook

James Moriarty