Olivia Brooks was born and raised Fallon.

She, along with her son, runs 'Brooks Bakery'.

Her husband died when Asher was 11.

Background and Bio.Edit

 Olivia has lived in Eden all her life and isn’t even sure how long she’s actually had her mutation. For a long time her family thought she may have somehow missed the mutant gene… but then one day she realised she could force people to be happy… before that point she’d always assumed people were cheerful around her but when her friend was contemplating suicide she rushed over to the girls house and her mood turned around completely. Since then Olivia has carried on with her day to day life, doing her best to cheer up anyone and everyone she can.She has continued the Brook’s family legacy of running the bakery and even married her husband who, quite surprisingly, took her surname instead of keeping his own. Now Olivia spends her time running the bakery and trying to make sure her son Asher isn’t getting himself into any trouble…  ==Relationships== Olivia is mother to Asher Brooks.

Olivia is known to many people on the island due to her legacy as a baker however she has not formed any particularly strong bonds with anyone on the island.