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Piers Robinson —> 20 —> Density Manipulation —> Ed Westwick

Piers is brother to Stephen Robinson.

Piers is a member of the Noire .

Background and Bio.Edit

Piers was the only member of Stephen’s family that kept in touch with him after he left home. He always had this small hope inside of him that Stephen would one day grow out of his reckless lifestyle that Danny had dragged him in to. Piers never liked Danny, not since he started ruining his brother’s life anyway. But he knew there wasn’t really anything he could do about it because he could tell that Stephen was clearly in love with Danny.  Piers lost contact with his brother about two years ago, not too long before he himself left home. He was sick and tired hearing his entire family badmouthing his brother and he didn’t want to put up with it anymore. Piers had always admired Stephen, no matter what he’d done. As soon as he hit 18, Piers went travelling for a while, wanting to see everything that the island had to offer while also secretly hoping that he’d run into his brother at some point.  Eventually, Piers heard that Stephen had returned to the area where they grew up, despite their family  moving around a year or so ago. Piers made his way back to his home town, determined to see Stephen again, also hoping that he’d left his reckless lifestyle and his love for Danny in the past. 

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