Pisces is Noire.

Background and BioEdit

Pisces is a very emotional character… maybe even the most emotional of all the zodiacs about everything. She is fascinated by the exotic and is a very kind, loving person. She is incredibly intuitive, artistic, she likes to travel and dream. Her relationship with the other zodiacs is fairly good… well except with Gemini. During the period of time when Gemini chose to be female she and Pisces had an argument however niether of the two are willing to actually tell anyone what it was about or settle it. Otherwise though she get’s along very well with the others. Some zodiacs she got on better with, always sensitive to other’s feelings. Although she had always had a thing for Capricorn, she never had enough guts to tell him. It started off as a mere crush, but the longer she spent around him over their lives, the farther she’d fall. Pisces is a truly loyal person. She will put all her trust into you and as soon as you’ve lost it, it’s most likely gone forever. It’s better not to get on Pisces’s bad side.. She may be sensitive but when she’s mad, she gets harsh, always feeling guilty afterwards though.