Resurrection: The user can bring themselves and others back to life.

Generally the resurrector and those resurrected are very tired from the ordeal.

Sometimes when a mutant is brought back to life their mutation can lash out at the resurrector. For example when Xander resurrected Summer (on more than one occasion) her mutation lashed out and hit him as well as her.

Mutants with this abilityEdit

Xander is able to use resurrection and it is his only ability, he has had to use it on several occasions to resurrect himself and others on the island. Xander tends to be very upset and irritable after he's had to resurrect himself.

Gemini the Zodiac is able to use resurrection as part of his many abilities due to his control and ability to manipulate yin and yang. Gemini is very particular about who he resurrects as he knows the dangers of people's abilities or powers lashing out when they come back to life.

Danny Cienfuegos is able to use this ablity as part of Yang manipulation.