Sagittarius died during March(?) and changed to a female body (Kristen Stewart FC)


Sagittarius -> Body Age: 18 -> Zodiac Empowerment/Embodiment -> FC : Tom Sturridge

The Zodiacs .

Previous face claim was Keegan Allen, however Sagittarius was killed by Axelrod and had to get a new body.

Sagittarius was killed again, this time by James Moriarty, new face claim is Kristen Stewart.

Sagittarius is currently in a relationship with Xander.

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Sag's first body in the roleplay (Keegan Allen)

Background and BioEdit

Sagittarius is usually quite and never really speaks until he has something to say, but when he has something to say it’s usually worth listening. He’s an excellent marksman with both a bow and arrow and the modern day gun. Sagittarius’ aim is always 100% on target, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be dodged or beaten. Sagittarius only shoots when he needs to and when he does he takes his time, because of all of the precision. That’s Sagittarius’ only flaw, he takes a bit too long to shoot, but when he does he usually gets his person. On his free time, he usually likes to ride horses, but if not that he’s probably walking in the middle of the forest. It helps him take his mind off of things. Sagittarius really doesn’t have any close friends. The closest person to him is Virgo. Sure they talk from here and there, but that’s about it. But that’s usually the only communication he does and Virgo is kinda on the other side. He should probably be more sociable towards his own side. Though if you don’t know where he is, you can probably ask Virgo or Scorpio. For some reason he likes to tell the other side wherever he’s going. No one knows why and everyone wonders why, but no one complains because it hasn’t caused any trouble yet and they are all still friends just trying to keep in balance of Good and Bad. Sagittarius hasn’t shown any likeness towards anyone. He’s kept to himself so much that the other Spirits kinda feel depressed or down being just around him. He’s kind of an awkward nerd, but they all still love him.

Life in EdenEdit

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