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Scorpio -> Body Age: 18 -> Zodiac Empowerment/Embodiment -> Chace Crawford

Scorpio is one of the Zodiacs .

Scorpio is a member of the Noire .

Scorpio was dating Gemini however they are currently on a break due to Scorpio's busyness with college work and Gemini just being a needy attention seeker that gets himself in trouble all the time.

Scorpio's powers includeMimicry Scorpion Mimicry.

Background and Bio.Edit

Scorpio is definitely everyone’s favorite. All the other Spirits have a great fond over him, because he’s just an overall great person to be around. Scorpio knows it too and doesn’t let it get to his head. He sticks to being nice to everyone and usually he doesn’t get in the middle of problems. One person though. One person that sometimes just makes him want to scream out loud and yell at that person. Who you may ask? Well, it couldn’t be anyone else than the great and childish Gemini. Scorpio for some reason has become the target of affection for Gemini. He doesn’t know why he is, but just that on a random day, Gemini starting leaving kisses and love marks on Scorpio’s neck and hands. Scorpio at first thought it would be over after a few years, but nope. Gemini has been keeping at it for about the whole time they were born. Sometimes it goes as far as actually getting into Scorpio’s pants and sometimes just a wet make out session in front of all the other Spirits. Whatever it is, Gemini hasn’t given up on it yet like Scorpio has.Scorpio finds love useless. Even though he helps Leo swoon Aquarius and gives advice to Aquarius on what she should do with Leo and her relationship, he still doesn’t believe in love. He really believes that love is just a delusional emotion to sex. Also, he’s never fallen in love or said that he’s liked anyone yet. He’s just kinda to himself when it comes to relationships and love.

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