Stephen Robinson -> 24 -> Noire -> Ice Manipulation -> FC : Jared Padalecki

Stephen is brother to Piers Robinson and is a member of the Noire.

Background and Bio.Edit

Stephen has lived on Eden all of his life. He was born and raised a Noire and he has never changed. He was always a trouble maker growing up. He wouldn’t have necessarily been called a bully, but he certainly made some people’s lives difficult. Although, Stephen wasn’t /entirely/ to blame for his behaviour. He’d grown up with a bad influence that he looked up to and admired. Daniel Cook. Not only was Danny the reason that Stephen had gotten into so much trouble over the years, he was also the one that got him into the ‘bad boy’ lifestyle. The one that got him into drinking, drugs and sex. But, as time went on, Danny and Stephen went their separate ways, as most childhood friends do eventually. When he was 17, Stephen left his family home after an intense arguement with his father, though he never speaks of what it was about. He ended up travelling around the island for a few years, leaving a trail of heartbreak wherever he went., occupying the majority of his time with drinking and one night stands. Stephen has never really cared for anyone but himself. He does what he needs to do to be happy and doesn’t bother about the consequences, which has ended up backfiring on him multiple times now. But now, Stephen has chosen to return to the area where he grew up on Eden, though his family have now moved to somewhere else on the island. Where, he does not know, neither does he care.

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