Summer Boyance -> 19 -> Negative Emotion Manipulation -> Face Claim : Phoebe Tonkin

Summer is a member of the Fallon .

She was recently in a relationship with Danny that ended badly and lost her baby. She is now FWBs with Gemini.

Background and Bio

Summer was always a different girl than others around her. When she was younger, she would rather sit off to the side instead of participate with her peers. She was always confined to her little black leather notebook and her pen. She was a poetic genius, always writing down something that she felt. Although most of those feelings being morbid and sad. Summer was never one to be overly bright and cheery.  When she was sixteen, she still thought she was a normal girl living in the human world. Her parents were concerned for their daughter and her depressing mood when she was younger, but over time they began to feel the same. Everyone around her started to grow dark, even her innocent eight year old sister. Summer loved her family, but never noticed the difference of their person due to her isolation and her being anti-social. Summer never had any friends either, so they couldn’t witness this change either. She didn’t believe in friends so it didn’t bother her that nobody ever tried to become one.  Then one day in the middle of May, Summer came out of her bedroom to go to the washroom. When she was done, her sister took the chance to talk to Summer, confronting her of being alone all the time. This angered Summer, hating that her sister was telling her what to do. She stormed off, wishing that her sister would just disappear. The next week Summer’s sister hung herself from depression. What was left was a note to Summer explaining how depressed she felt and how she couldn’t live in this world anymore. Summer’s parents were devastated and took it out on her. A month later, Summer’s parents killed themselves from depression. Again, Summer received another suicide note. The private investigator caught on to the common similarities and thought something was off. They took Summer away, finding out that she was a mutant. She was a special kind  of emotion manipulation, one that could only deal with dark feelings, mostly depression. She was sent to Eden as soon as possible, wanting her no where near anyone. On the way to Eden in the boat, she met someone, another emotion manipulator. He didn’t like Summer’s negative aura and tried to make her happy, they both discovering something. Summer wasn’t able to be manipulated. She wasn’t able to get happy, although she does tend to face it. Summer was one of a kind, but doesn’t like to be singled out. She can fake any happy feelings, but has never felt any. It would take a miracle to make her happy for even a moment.

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