Taurus is Noire.

Background and BioEdit

Taurus. Taurus is brutal and hard shelled. He’s the leader for The Bad and is a pretty good one. He’s tall and very built and you can barely move him. Taurus likes to make sure that everyone know on his side that he’s the leader, because he knows that if you were to include The Good side, that he would be replaced by Leo. He’s a lot stronger than Leo, but he’s much slower and believe it or not, he’s a lot hollowed brain than Leo too. Taurus off of battle is a bit the same, just a bit more relaxed and just more of a jerk. He bosses all the other Spirits around and mostly Virgo in particular. Maybe because she’s the only girl that really doesn’t pitch a fit against him. He also likes to fight against his team mates from time to time to make sure that they aren’t weak. Taurus has a childish and guilty love interest. Aries. Aries is the only Spirit that has seem to find her way into his kind heart. Put Taurus next to Aries and he’ll become a loyal puppy waiting for Aries’ command. It’s really adorable, but Aries doesn’t realize it because she’s too busy gushing over Leo.