Toby Peterson -> 23 -> Omnifarious -> Fallon -> Sam Claflin

Toby is a member of the Fallon .

Toby is Omnifarious.

Background and Bio.Edit

Toby has always been one of those people that never really seemed to grow up. He’s always been mischevious, using his mutation to play pranks on all of his friends and neighbours. He never really thought of his mutation as a bad thing until people started to realise what he was doing. Everyone around him started treating him differently. Some people were scared of him and some just wanted him dead. Toby was attacked several times in his home town before his family decided to kick him out of the house. He felt he had no one. For around two years after he was kicked out, he went looking for his brother who had gone missing a few years prior. Eventually though, he gave up searching, knowing that he probably wasn’t ever going to find him. Instead he decided to try and make his way to Eden, just wanting to be somewhere where people accepted him.  He’s only been on Eden for a couple of weeks but it already feels like home to him. Toby doesn’t struggle to make friends although he does sometimes have problems keeping them as a lot of people eventually just find him irritating. He has in no way left his prankster days behind him though and to many, it may seem like he has made it his mission in life to infuriate as many people as he possibly can. 

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